​​​​​​CANDICE JAMES  Poet Laureate Emerita,  New Westminster,  BC  Canada 

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This collection of poetry explores that separateness and the many facets of love, desire, grief and loss experienced as we travel our own personal “Path of Loneliness.” The book opens up the secret world of emotion and spirit we sequester inside, hidden to our outer selves that we are always cognizant of. It is a book that will cause the reader to delve deep into their soul and come away with a truer knowledge of their own identity and spiritual place in life as they walk their own “Path of Loneliness.”

There is much to praise throughout this book. The poems sing in subtle undertones and crescendos and offer strong, detailed, and sensual images that evoke meaning and emotion. There is a masterful, controlled intelligence at work here, evidenced in its graceful weave throughout the collection.