House on Indian

Mointain, NB

Masked Enigma

Janet Kvammen 

Surveying her

Purple Kingdom

​​The Faithful ​att Prayer

ORANGE DREAM Phase 1, 2, 3 



Integer GX0y45

Periwinkle Pond

Purple Haze

Pink Exodus

Arctic Ice Flow !!

Jealous Moon

Indian River

The Watchers

Camels of the Arctic

Distant Lighthouses

Ice-Cream Sailboats

Industrial Revolutin

Liverpool 1890s

Rustic Acreage

Leaving the Past Behind


Music of the Northern Sky

  Rrd Rowboat

Crescent Beach

Above Indigo Waters

Islands in the Stream


Far City

A Silence of Echoes

Sundrill Down

Fish out of Water

The King and the Dog

at the Edge of the World


Arctic Ice Flow



The Strand

Twilit Mountain Pass

The Dancer and the Watchers

Winter Moon

In the Land of Nebachadnezzar

​​​​CANDICE JAMES  Poet Laureate Emerita,  New Westminster,  BC  Canada 

© 2013. Candice James Poet Laureate, Artist, Musician,  Songwriter. All rights reserved.

Ticonderoga Sunspill


Solar Flare

Cosmic Kiss

Horse of the Rising Sun

Sun Down

Surf and Sails


of the Rose Moon

Arctic Ice Flow I