Haifoss Falls, Iceland

Alien Dancing With The Stars

Marionette Moon Dance  


Meteorite Strike

Iceland Midnight Sun

Bay of Fundy Sunset, New Brunswick CA

My Favorite Bird

Black Hole of the Antiverse

Unfinished Symphony

Crescent Beach Afternoon

Flowers Falling From Heaven

Oilve Oyl and Jeep (Popeye Cartoon Characters)


Chevron Sun

Sun Falling Into Water

Inside the Green Dream


Rocky Point




Interrogatory Man

Into the Mystic

Lonely Lighthouse

Moody Montana Sky

Inner Sanctum Playground

Circus Charades

Whale Wonderland

The Swimmers

The Everyday Dreams of an Indoor Toilet

Mother and Baby Swimming

Bluegrass Hoedown

Caricatures and Masks

Niagara Falls Re-imagined  

Teacup Gossip

Eagle and the Wolf

Aerial View of Madison Avenue New York

Dreaming She's Dyed Her Hair Purple

​​​​​​CANDICE JAMES  Poet Laureate Emerita,  New Westminster,  BC  Canada